Choose your aromatherapy massage oil, seat on our couch, begin with an antiseptic herbal foot soak and enjoy our selection of fado music. Our therapists will then start your treatment, aiming to stimulate central reflex points on the feet to promote relaxation and circulation, inner organ functions, balance your energy and well being. Enjoy every second while you take a cup of our exclusive tea.


All our treatments begin with a relaxing bath, include 100% pure vegetable oil, use of
an essential oil of your choice and a cup of tea to maximize your wellness experience.

Foot Massage
  • Ideal for relieving stress and tension
  • Great way to relax after a long day
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps to relieve lower leg pain

  • 20 minutes€15
  • 30 minutes€20
  • 45 minutes€25
  • 60 minutes€30

Foot Reflexology
  • Aids removal of toxins
  • Helps to improve metabolism and energy
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and insomnia
  • Alleviates headaches and migraines
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • 30 minutes€25
  • 45 minutes€30
  • 60 minutes€35
  • Feet + hands
  • Feet + head
  • Feet + shoulders
  • Feet + legs
  • 30 minutes€25 (massage)€30 (reflexology)
  • 45 minutes€30 (massage)€35 (reflexology)
  • 60 minutes€35 (massage)€40 (reflexology)
  • Feet + hands + shoulders
  • Feet + hands + head
  • Feet + head + shoulders
  • Feet + legs + shoulders
  • Feet + hands + legs
  • Feet + head + legs
  • 30 minutes€30 (massage)€35 (reflexology)
  • 45 minutes€35 (massage)€40 (reflexology)
  • 60 minutes€40 (massage)€45 (reflexology)
Special Treats
  • Prenatal Foot Massage 45 minutes €35
    60 minutes €40
  • Hot Stone Foot Massage 45 minutes€40
    60 minutes €45
  • Lymphatic Drainage (feet + legs) 45 minutes €40
    60 minutes €45
  • Thai Reflexology 45 minutes€40
    60 minutes €45
  • Special aromatherapy blend+ €5
  • Foot soak (15 minutes) + €8
  • Foot mask (20 minutes) + €12
  • Foot scrub (20 minutes) + €12

  • Massage +15 minutes €10
    +30 minutes €15
  • Reflexology +15 minutes€15
    +30 minutes €20


All products used in our treatments
are made of 100% natural ingredients.

Choose your aromatherapy massage oil

Beyond the feet…
  • Quick Massage 20 minutes €20
    Location: Back
    Immediate relief from muscle tension in the back, neck and head. Made in a special chair without removing clothes.
  • Champi | Indian Massage 30 minutes €25
    Location: Head
    It brings clarity to the mind: it relieves and treats insomnia; increases memory; relieves stress and anxiety; decreases high blood pressure and chronic fatigue. Works the areas of the head, arms and upper back. No need to undress.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage 60 minutes €50
    Location: Belly and Legs
    Activates the lymphatic system to help reduce fluid accumulation and improve blood circulation. Works the areas of the belly and legs. Made in private office. It is necessary to take off your clothes.
Beyond the feet… From toe to head
  • Balinese 60 minutes €60
    90 minutes €75

    Combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and energy in the body. The essential oil used is chosen in conjunction with the therapist. Treatment performed without clothes, on a mattress on the floor in the private office.
  • Chinese 60 minutes €60
    90 minutes €75

    Tui Na is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Chinese medicine. It helps to clear the meridians, promotes the circulation of energy and blood, regulates the functions of internal organs and lubricates tendons and bones. Treatment performed with proper suit, on a mattress on the floor in the private office.
For the little ones
  • Baby Massage 20 minutes €12
    Gentle massage using aromatherapy to promote deep relaxation and the improvement of babies' basic senses. Treatment carried out on a mattress on the floor, with the presence of a caregiver, in the private office.
  • Massage for children 30 minutes €18
    Relaxing massage that relieves signs of anxiety, restlessness and sleep problems. Treatment carried out on a mattress on the floor, with the presence of a caregiver, in the private office.
  • 1 Choose
    your massage.
  • 2 Choose your
    favorite oil.
  • 3 Sit on our couch
    and take off your shoes.
  • 4 Drink a cup of tea while our
    therapist washes your feet.
  • 5 Relax to the sound of our fado
    and feel the power of reflexology.
  • 6 It’s like new!
  • 7 Come back soon. We are always at your service.
    Our frequent customers are very spoiled!

Aromatic essential oils are the highly-concentrated essences derived from plants. They have a long history in natural healing. The oils harness a plant’s therapeutic properties to restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Each oil has a unique chemistry and properties that produce a distinct therapeutic, psychological, and physiological effect. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, decongesting, and antiseptic, oils can ease anxiety and lift the spirits. Their powerful constituents can have a profound physiological effect, restoring balance and vitality.

An essential oil massage has the added benefit of soothing touch. So take the power of massage to a whole new level. The essential oil blends in our massage oils have the power to restore a sense of balance to mind, body, and spirit.

PEPPERMINT | LEMONGRASS | MAY CHANG | CEDARWOODCAJEPUT  | EUCALYPTUS SPECIAL AROMATHERAPY BLENDS All our massage treatments include a 100% pure vegetable oil blended with an essential oil. Please choose one of the following list, or alternatively, choose a special blend right for you.