Melaleuca leucodendron
Fresh, uplifting, improves concentration, helps to detoxifying the body

  1. Acts as an antiseptic
  2. Acts as a decongestant
  3. Acts as a pain reliever
  4. Tones skin
  5. Aids detox
  6. Aids focus

A member of the tea tree family, cajeput has a milder and less overpowering aroma, but many of the same benefits. Its antiseptic properties are useful for fighting respiratory and urinary-tract infections, and, as a natural pain reliever, it can ease headaches and muscle and joint pain.

Also called white tea tree, cajeput is a native of Malaysia now found throughout Southeast Asia and parts of Australia. From the Malaysian “kayu-puti” (white wood), its name describes its white bark. Several studies have demonstrated that cajeput oil promotes secretion of the endocrine glands while encouraging the sweat glands. By encouraging healthy sweating, it effectively aids in the removal of toxins.